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Zain is the Group’s master brand in all the countries where the company operates with the exception of Lebanon where we operate as ‘touch’ under a management contract.

The brand was created in 2007 by placing all the operations that were in service under seven different brand names under a single powerful umbrella that facilitated the establishment of the company and the name on a global basis.

The Zain brand is positioned to be simple, memorable and easy to pronounce across the global markets. The name also has the added benefit of being rich in positive connotations in several languages. For example, in Arabic, Zain means ‘beautiful’,’ good’ or ’ wonderful’, while in Latin the word means ‘dark horse’ (of good pedigree).Put simply, the name Zain reflects our values and our positioning, symbolizing our vision to create a successful business model across the Middle East and North Africa.

Our brand personality can be described in three words:

A brand that is larger-than-life and memorable.
A trend-setting adventurous brand that represents all that is current and relevant.
A friendly brand with a tone of voice that is conversational and relaxed.

Our brand essence is perpetuated by the tag line “Live Your Dreams”, revealing that we are keen to connect to peoples’ aspirations and goals.

Our signature: “A Wonderful World” further looks to encapsulate the sense of energy, inspiration and diversity of our customers, employees and other stakeholders.

At Zain, over 6,000 people work everyday to improve the lives of all our customers. Our highly committed teams are proud to be the ambassadors of our brand, and delight in spreading the ‘Wonderful World of Zain’.

As a direct result of our staff’s efforts Zain has been recognized by numerous industry commentators for its professionalism and quality of service. For the third time in the space of six years, for example, Zain won the prestigious ‘Best Overall Middle East and Africa Mobile Operator’ award at the CommsMEA Awards ceremony in addition to winning the Telecoms World Awards for ‘Best Brand’, two years running.

In 2012, around five years old, Zain has one of the most recognizable and strongest brand presences, supported by strong promotion and sponsorship programs, across each of the group’s key markets.

According to the 2013 BRANDFINANCE GLOBAL 500, an independent brand valuation report, Zain’s brand value was estimated at around USD 1.67 billion.

A number of Zain’s Group campaigns can be viewed on our YouTube channel www.youtube.com/zain, which also includes links to campaigns undertaken in other Zain country operations.

A Wonderful World