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At Zain Jordan, we take our expertise in building networks, partnerships and successful businesses seriously and use it to positively impact society across Jordan. Corporate Social Responsibility is built on the foundation of having an active participation and contribution to the communities.

Our sustainable CSR Programs aim at integrating Zain values and local community needs and have generally been a pragmatic response to consumer and civil society pressures. Zain Jordan pioneered in further consolidating the concept of CSR.

CSR in Zain Jordan goes beyond philanthropy as it addresses how the company manages the economic, social and environmental impacts as well as our relationships in all key spheres of influence.

Zain Jordan's CSR focus areas include: education, health, sports, philanthropy and the environment.

In 2012, as a sudden rise in fuel prices, Zain Jordan launched a philanthropic initiative to provide underprivileged families with fuel coupons, aimed at supporting them during the cold winter season.

Zain Mobile clinic has treated 120,000 children since its inception in 2002. In contrast, aiming at promoting innovation and supporting youth, the "Shabab Zain" initiative resulted in the development of six projects in Zarqaa and Balqaa governorates. Furthermore, Zain Jordan established its second Mobile Maintenance Training Center in Al Tafeilah governorate, aiming at qualifying youth and creating more job opportunities for them.

The company is also involved with Jordan's Children's Museum, providing a bus in order to bring children from across the Kingdom to different learning locations.

Zain Jordan also supported the blind athlete Suhail Al Nashash who has achieved great things at the local, regional and international levels and the company has further employed Al Nashash as a member of its staff.

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